How long would it take to charge my phone or gps?

This varies with the model of phone/gps and the dynamo charger that you have. Some can be as low as 2 hours and other can take 5. You would, however, with any charger be able to use your phone after just a couple of minutes of charging.

Can I install a dynamo, dynamo charger, and lights myself?

All parts can be installed by a novice except for the front dynamo hub. Just take your front wheel into your local bike shop and they will install it. Average cost is around $40.

Are dynamos, dynamo charger, and lights waterproof?

No, the materials used are typically water-resistant, but you should treat the parts just like your mobile phone.

Can I use any hub dynamo with any hub charger?

Typically, Yes.

Is there any resistance when pedaling a dynamo hub?

You can feel some resistance when turning the wheel with your hand, but while riding little resistance is felt if at all. If you are really worried about weight/resistance and want to charge electronics, you’re best bet is to lose some weight and get stronger.

Does iRidePower carry any products?

Currently no, we run the site as a service to help riders to find the right electronics for their bikes. Most links for the products are affiliate links, which helps keep us running the site.

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